Meta must compensate consumers in the Netherlands for years of privacy violations

Data Privacy Stichting and Consumentenbond are continuing their action against Meta (Facebook). After the landmark ruling of the Amsterdam District Court last year, on 15 March, that Meta unlawfully processed personal data of its users for advertising purposes, negotiations with Meta have led to nothing. For this reason, the Foundation, in cooperation with Consumentenbond, is filing another lawsuit on 1 March 2024. This lawsuit covers both actions.

The Foundation demands that consumers be appropriately compensated for the harmful consequences of the violation of their privacy rights.

The Foundation and Consumentenbond want the court to decide that Meta has to compensate consumers in the Netherlands for all harmful consequences. The demand is that Meta pays €750 per Facebook user for the years of violation of Facebook users’ right to self-determination by processing their personal data for advertisements. For the illegal transfer of data to the United States, the Foundation demands €500 for both Facebook and Instagram users. In addition, the court is asked to pay Facebook users compensation for the value of their data from which Meta wrongfully profited.

For the 1 March 2024 press release of the Foundation and Consumentenbond, please click here.


Consumers can sign up for the action on the unlawful processing and use of their data if they were Facebook users at any point after 1 April 2010 and lived in the Netherlands at the time. Consumers can sign up for the action on transfers of data outside of Europe, if they are or have been a Facebook and/or Instagram user at any time from 25 May 2018 until now and lived in the Netherlands at the time.

To sign up for one or both actions against Meta and/or for more information about both actions, please visit the website of the Consumentenbond: The press release from the Consumentenbond dated 15 March 2023 is published in the Dutch language and can be found via the following link:

The decision of the court is available here (in Dutch):!/details?id=ECLI:NL:RBAMS:2023:1407. For an English translation please see here.

The extract of the writ of summons is available [here].