If you, or a minor in your care, have been the victim of a privacy intrusion involving the storage, transmission, or processing of Data about yourself while domiciled in the Netherlands, you are one of the Aggrieved Parties whose interests the Foundation exists to protect.

The Foundation pursues adequate redress from those who commit Privacy Intrusions to the detriment of Aggrieved Parties. The Foundation provides a vehicle to litigate or establish a binding settlement on behalf of Aggrieved Parties, as defined in the Foundation’s articles of association, which are available here.

The Foundation has been following with heightened concern and attention the data-sharing practices, including with, among and toward third-parties, of Facebook, Inc. Facebook Ireland Ltd. and Facebook Netherlands B.V. (Meta, but hereinafter jointly referred to as “Facebook”).

The Foundation is advised that Facebook’s policies and practices may implicate the rights of individuals whose interests are served by the Foundation. Accordingly, the Foundation has commenced legal proceedings in the District Court of Amsterdam, in collaboration with Consumentenbond. For information about how to join the action, visit www.consumentenbond.nl/acties/facebook.

Here you can find the foundation´s press release dated 7 July 2020.